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Jimplas Capital Management after series of research and interacting with NFTs creators, here are some of the vital rules someone can follow to become a successful NFT Creator.

(1) Focus on the things you can control

You can control your image, mission, roadmap, team, community, and how you analyze the data. You can’t control the cost of gas, other drops happening at the same time, and the overall market conditions.

(2) Build your community

The world’s most gorgeous art means absolutely nothing if you haven’t spent the time building and nurturing a community that will come along for the journey with you. Launch a discord channel or communication channel of your choice that focuses on delivering real value to its members.

(3) Be a good community member to others

Be humble, be supportive, and help support the dreams of others (but do it authentically, not transactionally), and the community will show up for you in return.

(4) Revise your offering if that’s what the data is telling you to do

If you’re not quite achieving product-market fit, you might need to reevaluate your:

  • Mint price (if your pieces are selling for lower on the secondary market than the mint piece, people will be less incentivized to mint)
  • Quantity (first-time creators see a lot of success with smaller collections)
  • Perks/Value of ownership (what makes your community so special to be a part of?)

(5) Network, Network, Network!!

Join and participate in Twitter Spaces, have conversations, message people, get out there. Tell people your background, story, and what inspires you to create. People connect with authentic humans & genuine stories. Influencers can be hard to get in front of, but sometimes even one post from a mega-NFT influencer can be a make or break for your collection!

(6) Build your brand

Buyers need to hear from you through your Social media, your presence on Discord, or your voice on Twitter Spaces. So even if you’re shy, it’s essential to get out there and get your story out. Once people know you, of course, they’re going to want to support you! Marketing yourself isn’t something to be ashamed about; it’s essential to your success!

(7)Hang in there

Patience is key. Sometimes greatness doesn’t happen overnight, but good projects rise to the top as long as you keep going and stay strong. They’re many examples of projects that start slow and then, boom, completely sold out in one night, months after launching. If you have a good mission and a strong community, you can outlive the chaos around you. Whatever you do, believe in yourself!

(8) Remember that we’re all super early

We’re all writing this playbook together. There’s no such thing as an “expert” in the space since we’re all new together. Buyers and sellers are in the same boat. So embrace the community and enjoy the ride. Never stop learning!

(9) It’s the little things!

People love extra special little perks like airdrops, holiday specials, little things that say you appreciate the people who have believed in you. So even if you’re focusing most of your energy on getting new buyers… don’t forget your current collectors and all the people who have supported you so far!

(10) Learn from others & lean on resources

The NFT community loves sharing resources. Take a look at what similar artists are doing for inspiration and ideas. Check out how other artists use alternate blockchains, currencies, and platforms to accomplish their goals. Explore foundations that give grants if you don’t have the funds to mint yourself.

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